BlueMind 3.0.24 发布,消息和协作平台

BlueMind 3.0.24 发布,此版本现已提供 下载 。



### Outlook connector

- BM-5293 Fix: skip dead link member of distribution list when converting from Outlook to BlueMind

- COAX-155 Imp: synchronize more than 6 month when user try to view a range of dates never synced

-  COAX-97 Fix: load Redemption lib from install directory instead of COM  registry to avoid problem with other software downgrading the lib

- REFLEX-32 Fix: contact's email display name is not recalculated if full name change but not the email value

### Thunderbird connector

- Imp: disable lightning the first time BlueMind connector sees it

- BM-5568 Fix: workaround DH keys less than 1023-bit are no longer accepted

### Mobile devices

- ALTR-306 Fix: revert back to always utf-8. The provided test message from TLIB-245 must be wrong

- TLIB-216: allow login with an alias

- COAX-208, WEIS-208 Fix: multiple notifications of participation change

### Administration

- ALTR-276: Fix quota warning for gathering job

- Debian Jessie support

### Migration-  Fix BM-5262 : exchange-migration-tool: re-login to imap server after  ips refused append of invalid email with "NO System I/O error"

### i18n- Lots of improvements in Italian translation

详细改进请看 发行说明 。

Blue Mind 是一个 Java 开发的消息和协作平台,提供可伸缩的共享消息、日程、联系人,同时支持多个移动平台 (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)、Outlook 和 Thunderbird。设计简单,提供面向Web服务的插件架构。

BlueMind 3.0.24 发布,消息和协作平台