RabbitMQ v3.6.7 Milestone 2 发布,AMQP消息服务器

RabbitMQ v3.6.7 Milestone 2 发布,AMQP消息服务器



        AMQP 里主要要说两个组件:Exchange 和 Queue (在 AMQP 1.0 里还会有变动),如下图所示,绿色的 X 就是 Exchange ,红色的是 Queue ,这两者都在 Server 端,又称作 Broker ,这部分是 RabbitMQ 实现的,而蓝色的则是客户端,通常有 Producer 和 Consumer 两种类型。

RabbitMQ v3.6.7 Milestone 2 发布,AMQP消息服务器


Bug 修复

  • Queue master process could terminate with a {bad_match, {error, not_found}} error.
  • GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1035
  • rabbitmq-service.bat should exit with a non-0 code when installation fails.
  • GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1052
  • rabbitmqctl stop_app now produces a more technically correct output about
  • what the operation does.
  • GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1043
  • Nodes in a cluster now can be restared in arbitrary order. They will attempt to contact
  • one of the previously seen peers periodically (10 times with 30 second intervals by default).
  • GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1033
  • TLS listeners now support SNI (via Ranch 1.3.0).
  • GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#789
  • Worker process shutdown timeout now can be configured.
  • GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#847
  • Default Erlang VM ETS limit was increased from 1400 to 50000. This is necessary to support
  • a larger number of virtual hosts with the new management plugin.
  • GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1059
  • RABBITMQ_PLUGINS_DIR now supports multiple directories (colon-separated on Linux and other UNIX-like
  • platforms, semicolon-separated on Windows).
  • Contributed by Alexey Lebedeff.
  • GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1001
  • Background GC now can be disabled (or use a different target interval value).
  • Original patch by Tim Stewart.
  • GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1026



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