Spring Data Commons 2.0.1 发布

Spring Data Commons 2.0.1 已发布。Spring Data 项目的目的是为了简化构建基于 Spring 框架应用的数据访问计数,包括非关系数据库、Map-Reduce 框架、数据服务等等;另外也包含对关系数据库的访问支持。Commons 是 Spring Data 的一部分,用来提供共享的基础框架,适合各个子项目使用,支持跨数据库持久化。


  • DATACMNS-1201 – ClassGeneratingPropertyAccessorFactory.isTypeInjectable(…) fails with NPE for entities in default packages.

  • DATACMNS-1200 – Absent parameters cause NPE in ClassGeneratingEntityInstantiator.

  • DATACMNS-1197 – Adding kotlin property to (extension) interface yields IllegalArgumentException on invocation.

  • DATACMNS-1196 – Failing generic type resolution of generic types within nested generic fields.

  • DATACMNS-1193 – Typo in documentation and JavaDoc of PageableDefaults.

  • DATACMNS-1191 – Avoid unnecessary conversion invocation after Optional unwrapping.

  • DATACMNS-1190 – Add documentation section about ways to enforce nullability constraints in repositories.

  • DATACMNS-1188 – Reflect CrudRepository naming and API changes in reference documentation.

  • DATACMNS-1187 – Broken links in query-by-example sections in reference documentation.

  • DATACMNS-1185 – Release 2.0.1 (Kay SR1).

  • DATACMNS-901 – Potential deadlock in AbstractMappingContext when creating bean while application event is being fired.




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