Spring Cloud Skipper 1.0 M1 发布

Spring Cloud Skipper 1.0 M1 发布了。Skipper是一个轻量级工具,可让您发现 Spring Boot 应用程序并管理其在多个平台上的生命周期。 您可以使用 Skipper 独立或将其与 Continuous Integration 管道集成,以帮助实现 Continuous Deployment 的实践。

M1 主要功能:

  • Define multiple platform accounts where Spring Boot applications can be deployed. Supported platforms are Local, Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes.

  • Substitute variables in Mustache templated files that describe how to deploy applications to a platform.

  • Search Package Repositories for existing applications.

  • Upgrade/Rollback a package based on a simple blue/green workflow.

  • Store the history of resolved template files (aka ‘application manifests’) which represent the final description of what has been deployed to a platform for a specific release.

  • Use via a standalone interactive shell or web API.




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