Hibernate Search 5.10.0.Beta2 发布,数据检索框架

Hibernate Search 5.10.0.Beta1 已发布,这是 5.10 分支的第二个测试版本,此版本主要包括升级到适用于JBoss模块的WildFly 12,但它也增加了一些错误修正和改进。

以下是自Hibernate Search 5.10.0.Beta1以来的一些显着变化:

  • HSEARCH-3022
    : Hibernate Search’s JBoss modules now target WildFly 12 and are tested against it instead of WildFly 11.

  • HSEARCH-2598
    : The JGroups backend now integrates with JGroups 4 and is no longer compatible with JGroups 3.

  • HSEARCH-3030
    : We moved the JGroups backend’s JBoss modules out of the engine feature pack to  a dedicated feature pack

  • HSEARCH-3026
    : If your Elasticsearch cluster is accessed through a URL with a non-root path, you can now use  hibernate.search.default.elasticsearch.path_prefix
    to tell Hibernate Search about that path.

  • HSEARCH-3039
    : We removed the ability to analyze document identifiers from Search a few versions ago, but some parts of Hibernate Search still performed analysis on document identifiers in some cases, in particular when querying them and when embedding a document ID using  @IndexedEmbedded
    . This has been fixed: Hibernate Search now consistently skips analysis on document identifiers.

  • HSEARCH-3021
    : The integration to dependency injection frameworks is now  properly documented

有关自5.10.0.Beta1以来所做的更改的完整列表,请参阅 发行说明




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