Spring Cloud Finchley RC1 发布,基于 Spring Boot 2.0.1

Spring Cloud Finchley 的首个候选版 RC1 已发布,该版本基于 Spring Boot 2.0.1 。


Spring Cloud Task

  • Release Announcement

Spring Cloud Config

  • Set refresh rate for Git repos

  • Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Bus

  • Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Netflix

  • Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Cloudfoundry

  • Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Contract

  • Support for Pact v3

  • Integration with Pact Broker

  • Option to upload and fetch stubs from a Git repository

  • Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Consul

  • Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Gateway

  • Dynamically filter registered services to be routed by Gateway. Using SpEL, you can set an expression to be evaluated againts a  ServiceInstance object. For examplespring.cloud.gateway.discovery.locator.include-expression=metadata['edge'] == 'true' will test that the  metadata map contains a key  edge with a value of  true .

  • Filters to read or modify requests and responses

  • Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Zookeeper

  • Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Stream

  • Release Notes

Spring Cloud Sleuth

  • Dubbo integration has been documented

  • Bug Fixes

Spring Cloud Commons

  • Bug Fixes


Spring Cloud Finchley RC1 发布,基于 Spring Boot 2.0.1


  • http://spring.io/blog/2018/04/25/spring-cloud-finchley-rc1-has-been-released




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