Jenkins 2.121.1 发布,可扩展的持续集成引擎

Jenkins 2.121.1 已发布,这是一个可扩展的持续集成引擎。

Changes since 2.121:

  • Faster list rendering of Plugin Manager » Available . ( issue 51205 )

Notable changes since 2.107.3:

  • Install from installation method for JDK tools has been moved to a new  JDK Tool Plugin . ( issue 22367 )

  • It is no longer possible to rename jobs from their configuration page. Jobs now have a link in the side panel titled "Rename" that links to a page specifically dedicated to renaming jobs. ( issue 22936 )

  • The Job/Build permission no longer implies the Job/Cancel permission. The latter needs to be granted explicitly to users who previously got it via this relationship. ( issue 14713 )

  • Update Remoting from 3.17 to 3.20 in order to apply various performance and diagnosability improvements, such as logging warnings when anonymous classes are serialized over a Remoting channel, and allowing Jenkins core to always deserialize exceptions even if they’re not whitelisted. To benefit from the latter improvement, Remoting needs to be updated on the agent side as well. ( full changelog )

  • Fix issue preventing process killing vetoes being effective on agents. ( issue 9104 ,  ProcessKillingVeto  extension point implementations )

完整更新内容请查阅: What’s new in 2.121.1




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