Spring Boot Admin 2.0.0 发布,使用 Vue.js 重写 UI

Spring Boot Admin 2.0.0 已发布

要注意的是,由于 Spring Cloud Finchley 尚未发布,因此该版本不包含对 Spring Cloud Discovery 的支持。

2.0.0 值得关注的变化包括 UI、客户端和后端的改进。


  • Rewritten ui using vue.js

  • Integrated ui-login module into the main ui module

  • Removed ui-activiti module, as it was only used rarely

  • Removed Hystrix-Dashboard integration (subject to change)

  • Added support for the session endpoint

  • Added display of the (sanitized) metadata

  • Added option to reset loglevels

  • Added wallboard view


  • Moved all classes to the spring.boot.admin.server

  • Redesigned backend using event sourcing principles

  • Added concept of applications (consisting of 1 to n instances)

  • Moved endpoint detection to the backend by querying the /actuator
    -index or by probing via OPTIONS request

  • Replaced Zuul with a custom proxy using the WebClient

  • Removed dependency on spring-cloud-starter

  • Added CompositeHttpHeadersProvider
    to support multiple  HttpHeadersProviders
    at the same time

  • Added `InstanceExchangeFilterFunction`s which allows to intercept/modify the requests to the monitored instances

  • Added out-of-the-box support for CloudFoundry

  • Added support for Spring Boot 1.5.x actuator endpoints using LegacyEndpointConverters

  • Update OpsGenieNotifier
    to api v2

  • Rewritten the MailNotifier
    to use Thymeleaf templates


  • Moved all properties to spring.boot.admin.client.

     and  spring.boot.admin.client.instance.

  • Moved all classes to the spring.boot.admin.client

  • Added support webflux applications

  • Added out-of-the-box support for CloudFoundry

详细更新说明请查看 http://codecentric.github.io/spring-boot-admin/current/#_changes_with_2_x

Spring Boot Admin 是用来管理Spring Boot应用程序的一个简单的界面。提供如下功能:

  • 显示 name/id 和版本号

  • 显示在线状态

  • 下载主日志文件

  • 显示详情,如:

    • Java 系统属性

    • Java 环境变量属性

    • 内存信息

    • Spring 环境属性




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