JavaMelody 1.76.0 发布,Java 应用监控平台

JavaMelody 1.76.0 发布了,JavaMelody 是一个监控系统,目标是在 QA 和生产环境中监控 Java 或 Java EE 应用程序。


  • You can now contribute translations for javamelody by using a dedicated website at POEditor. You may contribute some "untranslated" labels for German and Portuguese or you may contribute new translations for Spanish, Italian or your own language. Join the translation project at
    . For technical reasons,  Chinese translations
    are not available in that website.

  • fix #795
    : Session count when using Tomcat cluster with sessions replication, after restarting one instance.

  • fix NullPointerException when getting an Oracle explain plan for a SQL request from the optional collect server.

  • fix incorrect name in MongoWrapper ( #807
    , thanks to  Pablo Palazon

  • fix for Prometheus integration: exclude metrics which have no sense (javamelody_log_duration_millis, javamelody_log_errors_count, javamelody_error_errors_count) and metrics for statistics which are not displayed in the reports ( e1db7c5
    ,  c0f34a2

  • fix #806
    for Prometheus integration again: it was printed ‘<?>’ instead of NaN, for ‘lastValue’ on Java 8 and before.

  • Removed the monitoring of @Asynchronous
    method when using CDI/EJB, to fix  #802
    MonitoringAsynchronousCdiInterceptor must have at least one @InterceptorBinding
    in TomEE plume ( 31b723c
    ). Note that you can continue as before to monitor CDI/EJB methods with a javamelody annotation or by configuration, see  doc

  • In the javamelody-spring-boot-starter
    , added the dependency spring-boot-starter-aop and the javamelody.advisor-auto-proxy-creator-enabled property is now false by default, because it was causing issues such as  #756
    for  @PreAuthorize
    ,  #643
    for  @Scheduled
    , for  @FeignClient
    and others. ( 21d904d
    ). If ever you need to enable back the auto-proxy, add the following in application.yml:  javamelody.advisor-auto-proxy-creator-enabled: true

  • In the javamelody-spring-boot-starter
    , the property javamelody.scheduled-monitoring-enabled is now true by default, to automatically monitor  @Scheduled

  • added: In the javamelody-spring-boot-starter
    , Spring  @FeignClient
    s are automatically monitored. ( 0af308b

  • added: In the javamelody-spring-boot-starter
    again, if you already use a management http port different from the default application http port, you may expose the monitoring reports on the management port instead of the application port. See  doc
    for configuration. ( #601
    , thanks to  Anders Båtstrand
    and  breneb




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