Mozilla Firefox 54 Beta 12发布

  Mozilla 已经将 Firefox 54.0 Beta 12 的安装文件放到了 FTP,相比之前几个 Beta 版本,54 版的改进明显变小,主要带来了下载面板中的信息显示部分的完善以及在书签列表中区分出移动设备添加的书签的特性,在性能上面似乎并没有发现有什么变化。


  • Clearer and more detailed information for download items in the download panel

  • Bookmarks created on mobile devices are now shown in “Mobile Bookmarks” folder in the drop down list from the toolbar and Bookmarks option in the menu bar in Desktop Firefox


  • Changes for web developers

  • Create your own custom devices in Responsive Device Mode


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